Trollface Quest 8


Trollface Quest evolved from one simple Flash puzzle into a long series which is trolling more and more people each minute. Everyone wondered how the game appeared? Or how the meme appeared? The infamous trollface is the center character of the Trollface Quest series, from the #1 to the Trollface Quest 8, which is going to bring you more trolling!

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The famous meme was created by a student who was supposed to work on his paper. His name is Carlos Ramirez and just like you and me, instead of working on the paper that was due the next morning, he started browsing 4chan. Bored, he thought he could add something, so he opened the Paint and drew a comic, half scary face, which he called troll. And some other stuff, but all that doesn’t matter much.

>> Click Here To Play Trollface Quest 8 <<


The next day, Carlos woke up to his non-finished paper and lots of reposts for his trollface. From that moment, which happened all the way back in 2008, the trollface became a registered mark which brought Carlos millions of dollars and stirred lots of laughs for us, mortals.

Now, the trollface meme is a Flash game, which managed to keep the internet solving puzzles for a long time. The first game of the series is pretty simple, but checks out the next ones. Trollface Quest 2+ are all themed and enhanced. Between the start and the finish line you will find more and more intricate puzzles – will you be able to find the solution?

In fact, during some of the Trollface Quests you can’t be sure if you are the one trolled or you are the one who is trolling! These games are literally playing you!

All the 20 levels of the Trollface Quests will keep you wondering which way is the best one to solve the puzzle. And to add to it, each time you are faced with a new Trollface Quest puzzle, which you have to click to drag the most unexpected detail. Despite the simple graphics, the Flash game is introducing new characters with each episode. Birds, men in black, Olympics and many more are waiting for you.

Simple, stupid at times, Trollface Quest is definitely addictive! After all the 7 quests, you have to see what else is in store for you. You have to check the upcoming Trollface Quest 8! Are you ready for more trolling?