Trollface Quest 7


Trollface Quest 7 is here and our troll has gotten into a big trouble. Troll was just browsing through the internet, when something very bizarre happened. The screen disappeared and a spiral video came into sight. Suddenly a hand came out and took poor troll in. Now troll is trying to take revenge from that monster who dragged him in. So, let’s go help him troll Troll Tube. This is an interesting game as you may find it difficult to find the right objects. However, there’s no need to fret, as we have got you sorted!

>> Click Here To Play Trollface Quest 7 <<

Here are some steps that will help you cross all the levels easily:
1. Keep clicking on the mouse till the red square reaches the end. Then click on the monster’s mouth to kill him.

2. Click on squirrel, then click on troll, then again click on squirrel, click on troll and then click on troll’s eyes.

3. Click on the gadget in the guy’s hand, then click on locker 3310 behind him, click once again, click on the mobile phone that comes out, click on the base of the juicer, click on the red button of the juicer.

4. Click on the troll’s face, then click on the tiny protruding thing on the troll’s waist (see at the corner of his waist). Click on the mouth of the guy sitting on the commode.

5. Click on the rainbow guy’s face.

>> Click Here To Play Trollface Quest 7 <<


6. Click on the giant ball, then click on the blue spot on the top left corner thrice.

7. Click on the cat in the middle of the box, drag the troll’s face down so that it hides behind him, drag it up again, click on the troll’s face, click on the cat.

8. Click on the troll’s face, click on the screwdriver in the pocket, click on the screw in his ear, click on the guy’s face, click on the troll inside the guy’s mouth.

9. Click on all the three kinds of vegetables i.e. cucumber, tomato, and pepper once each, then click on the big bowl, click on the troll’s face, click on the big bowl of veggies again, click on the green hand symbol.

10. Click on the troll’s face, then click on the red button, multi-click on the troll’s face again till a video appears on the laptop screen.

11. Drag the bucket towards the right, and then drag the garbage bin to the roof, click on the troll’s face.