Trollface Quest 5


Forget about FIFA, because the Troll Cup is here. This game is all about making it through 20 levels to win the troll cup. But, don’t be fooled as there are chances you are going to get trolled real fast. In some levels, you will be left wondering what you are supposed to do and a wrong click could lead to you getting trolled. But, worry not, here’s a simple guide that will help you breeze through all the levels of Trollface Quest 5.

>> Click Here To Play Trollface Quest 5 <<


1. Click on the “R” of Troll Cup.
2. Click on the scissor in the left-hand bottom corner of the screen, click on the red sign on the wall, click on the cut-out piece, click on the bouncer, click on the troll.
3. Click on the moon twice, then click on it again when it falls down
4. Click on the troll twice, then click on the football when it’s detached from the pump.
5. Click on the left hand of the shopkeeper, then click on the troll’s body.
6. Click on the first bottle from right, then click on the troll’s glass.
7. Drag the wooden box to the left, click on the plug, then click on the security guy.
8. Click on the screen, and then keep multi-clicking on the drum’s upper base until the television bursts.

>> Click Here To Play Trollface Quest 5 <<

9. Click on the exhaust pipe of the three cars, click on the off light below the red signal.
10. Click on the hidden football behind the desk that is just near the right hand of the doctor, the click on the football.
11. Click on the back of the chair, and then click on the troll’s head, dragging the razor from top to bottom thrice (on the troll’s head).
12. Click on the second button thrice.
13. Only click on the football ten times.
14. Click on the vase on the left-hand corner of the screen, drag and take the smelly shoe near the lady’s nose, click on the entrance.
15. Click on the bag in front of the troll, and then click on the troll.
16. Click inside the net, and click on the scoreboard thrice.
17. Click on the troll’s face thrice, then from left click on the third cap on the top row.
18. Click on the first digit on the scoreboard 6 times till it says 60’s.
19. Click on the inside roof of the net, then click on the football.
20. Keep clicking on the footballer’s teeth till the green bar is filled, then click on the football.