Trollface Quest 4


Feeling sporty today? Your favorite troll community also felt the need for some exercise and this is how we got Trollface Quest 4, which is all about abs! No, in fact, it’s about Olympics and how to go around the abs training, troll style. This new episode is taking you thorough 20 themed puzzles, which seem ridiculously simple at first, but it won’t take long before you will get trolled.

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Here are the solutions to all the puzzles in Trollface Quest 4 Winter Olympics Guide
1. Click the smile in the clouds to ignite the flame.
2. Drag the target closer.
3. Drag the largest cloud to reveal the sun behind it.
4. Click on the troll to make it go crazy.
5. Click on the troll, then on the ice skater.
6. Click and hold for the slide, then, in mid-air, click and drag to the finish point.
7. Click the troll, then the sign and then drag the troll to the finish line.
8. Click on the CD player to open it, then click the large disk and get rid of it, then click the CD and the troll.

>> Click Here To Play Trollface Quest 4 <<


9. Click on all the 7 pills on and around the doping table, except the one from the bottle which fells off the table; when the troll looks like a mythical creature, click it.
10. Click on the crane, on the left side, then click the troll to make him jump over the obstacle.
11. Click on the crowd, then the troll, then repeat 3 times: the guy just needs some cheering.
12. Click on the big counter, then on troll’s head.
13. Click on the sign, to change it, then the troll in the crowd and then the troll in the competition.
14. Click the little star to the right, in the bottom, then the troll.
15. Click on the pump on his back to inflate the troll’s muscles, then the weight.
16. Click on the swordfish, the base of the mast on the rival boats, then repeat 3 times, then click on the troll’s boat.
17. Click two times on the speed meter, then on the bobsled.
18. Click on the left and right pedestals.
19. Click on the stick tree and set it on fire, then click on the troll.
20. Click the feather from the troll’s head.