Trollface Quest 1


You’re used to playing games online, but what would you say if I invite you to try a game that plays with you? Yes, I am talking about the Trollface Quest series, which is so much more than a regular puzzle game, as it is categorized. This game, which uses the now-famous trollface, is going to make you think outside the box and find alternative ways to solve problems. Now that I am talking about it, this game can actually boost your cognitive skills and creativity.

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But, it can get hard to play it, so here are some of the quick tips to play the Trollface Quest game.

1. click on the red button on the TV to turn it off
2. click on the troll’s eyes, to get the pills as a sort of weird glasses
3. click on the triangle on the women’s bathroom door to turn it upside down and use the bathroom
4. click the troll until it gets an anti-gas mask (five times should do), then click on each pipeline segment until you form a connected pipe
5. click the leaves on the people group to make them pee on the fire
6. click the zipper on the back of the bull’s head to reveal a troll
7. click the wand while you are human to stop the wizard from turning you into another creature.

>> Click Here To Play Trollface Quest 1 <<

8. click the car repeatedly to make it move, but stop when you reach the green sign to avoid being chopped
9. click the troll 19 times
10. click on the word trollface 10 times
11. click the minimize bar on the menu on the right two times and then click on the “win” word
12. drag the candy through the maze until you reach the face of the troll, then drag it outside the puzzle and click on “next level”
13. click on the green triangle to move the car down and then up, after you pass by the first black box, then click on any of the two black boxes as they become closer to the car
14. click on the boulder before it hits the man
15. click on the green button to the left for 99 times – yes, you will have to do some work – then click once on the green button to the right
16. click the small button on the right corner of the right wall just before the troll is going to be hit by the blades
17. click all the nine trollfaces then click on the 10th trollface on the “level failed” – counter intuitive, right?
18. click on “jump” to jump over the first two obstacles, then walk over the third one
19. click on the 3rd note from the left, the one most to the left, 4th from the left, second from the left, then on the troll
20. click the wires and then click on the red button on the TV to end the game in the mirror.