Trollface games are an amazing game that can be accomplished with just a few clicks. Each game has a story where a troll is trying to achieve something. These games are very interesting as you try to figure out “How to not get trolled.” Sometimes only one click is enough to take you to the next level, while sometimes you have to play around a little to get to the next level.

There are many quests to be fulfilled. For example, your troll might be fighting for the Olympics, trying to win a football game, or simply trying to build his stamina. Your job is to help him succeed and cross all the levels. So, start playing Trollface quests right away and have some fun clicking away!

Troll was having a pizza, when someone kicked his door open and took away your favorite troll’s pizza. And, now he’s trying it hard to get back at this kicker guy and teach him a lesson.. Our troll is very strict about his exercise regimen. And, you need to help him get a fit body, so that he can kick his friend and get his pizza back. Show some love and help your troll get fit!

This game has just 10 levels and some of them are so easy that you will not need even a second to clear them.

Here is a step-by-step guide which will help you clear the levels :
1. Click on the two screws in the cycling machine so that the troll falls off.
2. Click on the stereo, click on the troll’s head, click on his leg; the troll just wants to dance.
3. Click on the troll’s head, then click it again when it falls.
4. Click on the smiling face in the clouds, click on the periscope, click on the submarine’s door, click on the fan.
5. Click on the guy behind the exercise machine (you will see a patch of his hair popping out), click on the dog.
6. Drag the stand to the right and watch the troll do a giant leap on the crowd.
7. Click on the left rope, then click on the big yellow board.
8. Click on the screen till you reach the football game scene and then click on the pink ball.
9. Click on all the bottles and then click on the troll.
10. Click on the troll and then click on the punching bag.